Things Back Specialist Christian Farthing Has to Say about High Heels

Why Pretty Heels Cause Nothing but Pain

Read the latest Dr Christian Farthing blog. Dr Christian is a specialist on spinal health.  Currently consulting for BodyWell Group, he places a lot of emphasis on the importance of taking the health of every client seriously. He is also committed to providing treatment that is aimed at the specific needs of the individual while ensuring too that affordable care and excellent service are extended to them. Below he discusses some of the most burning questions that revolve around high heels.

While a pair of high-heeled shoes does look pretty, everyone who has had the chance to wear them can tell you that they are nothing but painful. If you ever wondered why this is the case, then read on to find out why these pretty shoes can be such a huge culprit for bringing its wearers pain.

Your centre of gravity gets changed when you wear heels. When you choose to wear high-heeled footwear, you are also increasing the amount of weight that your forefoot needs to bear. At the same time, it also causes the body’s centre of gravity to be pushed forward. As a result, the head moves forward too. Considering how the muscles along the spine are not really designed to have to stay in the same spot for hours just to hold the jacket, this can easily lead to pain.

Christian Farthing

In addition, the spinal muscles are not really designed to hold the head in such a forward position for an extended period. As a result, the muscles experience fatigue, which can, in turn, feel painful once the metabolite that gets created through muscle contraction will start accumulating.

Heels can affect the pain receptors in the body. The moment that pain receptors get stuck in the scar tissue, the amount of pain signals that are sent to the brain gets amplified considerably. The pain signal then gets sent to the brains a thousand times easier.

The position of the spine can get affected as a result of wearing high heels too. The effect is quite detrimental since it can create a low back extension, moving the thoracic spine backwards while the head is moved forward.  The spinal curves are designed to absorb 80% of the shock that the body has to deal with. When the curves are not properly positioned, the discs and the spine are going to have to bear the brunt, which can result in it wearing faster.

It is also harder to breathe when you are wearing a pair of heels. Since wearing the heels can mean that the head is going to be positioned just an inch forward, it will make it harder for the person to breathe by 20%. One must remember that the heart acts as a pump. This is why when the rib cage is pressed on the heart, it becomes harder for the organ to continue pumping blood.

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