Things Back Specialist Christian Farthing Has to Say about High Heels

Why Pretty Heels Cause Nothing but Pain

Read the latest Dr Christian Farthing blog. Dr Christian is a specialist on spinal health.  Currently consulting for BodyWell Group, he places a lot of emphasis on the importance of taking the health of every client seriously. He is also committed to providing treatment that is aimed at the specific needs of the individual while ensuring too that affordable care and excellent service are extended to them. Below he discusses some of the most burning questions that revolve around high heels.

While a pair of high-heeled shoes does look pretty, everyone who has had the chance to wear them can tell you that they are nothing but painful. If you ever wondered why this is the case, then read on to find out why these pretty shoes can be such a huge culprit for bringing its wearers pain.

Your centre of gravity gets changed when you wear heels. When you choose to wear high-heeled footwear, you are also increasing the amount of weight that your forefoot needs to bear. At the same time, it also causes the body’s centre of gravity to be pushed forward. As a result, the head moves forward too. Considering how the muscles along the spine are not really designed to have to stay in the same spot for hours just to hold the jacket, this can easily lead to pain.

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In addition, the spinal muscles are not really designed to hold the head in such a forward position for an extended period. As a result, the muscles experience fatigue, which can, in turn, feel painful once the metabolite that gets created through muscle contraction will start accumulating.

Heels can affect the pain receptors in the body. The moment that pain receptors get stuck in the scar tissue, the amount of pain signals that are sent to the brain gets amplified considerably. The pain signal then gets sent to the brains a thousand times easier.

The position of the spine can get affected as a result of wearing high heels too. The effect is quite detrimental since it can create a low back extension, moving the thoracic spine backwards while the head is moved forward.  The spinal curves are designed to absorb 80% of the shock that the body has to deal with. When the curves are not properly positioned, the discs and the spine are going to have to bear the brunt, which can result in it wearing faster.

It is also harder to breathe when you are wearing a pair of heels. Since wearing the heels can mean that the head is going to be positioned just an inch forward, it will make it harder for the person to breathe by 20%. One must remember that the heart acts as a pump. This is why when the rib cage is pressed on the heart, it becomes harder for the organ to continue pumping blood.

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Health Conditions that can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Welcome to the Dr Christian Farthing Blog. An experienced chiropractic, Dr Christian received his chiropractic education from the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology. Originally from Australia, he graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic. He is presently consulting for the BodyWell Group in Canterbury. He draws on his extensive experience and clinical expertise to provide professional sportspeople and patients with holistic solutions to their health concerns instead of just temporary fixes.

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Chiropractic care is useful in correcting abnormalities in the spinal alignment to treat a number of health problems. Spinal alignment, pain relief, as well as muscular and skeletal disorders are just a few of the most common reasons why people these days refer to chiropractic professionals. However, the benefits of chiropractic treatments do not just stop there. Below are just some of the many health conditions that chiropractic care might help.

Arthritis is known for causing debilitating pain in older adults. It has been noted that patients who are suffering from arthritic pain who choose to take advantage of chiropractic care were able to enjoy better health and less discomfort than those arthritic adults that do not. This leads to better quality of life for those who undergo chiropractic treatment since their discomfort and pain are significantly alleviated.

The treatment has also been known to help alleviate the discomfort that most women feel pre-menstruation. Manual adjustment of the spine, along with soft tissue therapy has been found to help relieve PMS. A study that tested two groups of women showed that the group who have received chiropractic treatment manifested the most improvements compared to those that did not.

Another health condition that can be relieved through chiropractic treatment is Bell’s Palsy. This is a condition that causes hearing disorders, facial paralysis, as well as jaw problems, especially those associated with its muscles. Patient recovery may vary. However, chiropractors take the time to get to know more about the patient to come up with a treatment program that is customised to centre on the patient to not only to relieve pain but to also improve motion and address any nerve-related issue.

Chiropractic treatment focuses on implementing a holistic approach when treating conditions and it has been found to help those people with IBD. Bowel disorders can truly make one’s life miserable and many of those that are suffering from the treatment would be more than pleased to accept treatment that will not have any side effects. One survey has found that some chiropractors have reported success in relieving colitis, IBD, and other bowel disorders through spinal manipulation.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Chiropractic treatment can also help serve as a therapeutic support for people who are diagnosed with cancer. The treatments that cancer patients have to undergo often make their lives difficult. From depression, sleep disorders, insomnia, to anxiety, the life of a cancer patient can be quite miserable. There are studies that show how chiropractic can be a great alternative complementary treatment for people with cancer. It can help in pain management, most significantly, which makes it effective in improving a patient’s quality of life. Find out about other health conditions that chiropractic treatment can be beneficial for by reading about Dr Christian Farthing online. You can also like and follow the Dr Christian Farthing Facebook page.

Why You Should See a Chiropractor after a Car Accident

Welcome to the Dr Christian Farthing Blog. Dr Christian is an experienced spinal health specialist who currently consults for the BodyWell Group. With 20 years of chiropractic experience, he draws on his extensive clinical expertise to help provide patients with the best health solutions through holistic means. A Doctor of Chiropractic graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, he elected not to pursue a degree in medicine because he felt that the medical field does not really get to the root of many a medical problem.

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When chiropractic treatment is used alongside massage therapy, the two treatments can work hand in hand resulting in faster healing and recovery for patients. Massage allows the body to get more relaxed, making it easier for practitioners to perform spinal manipulation and realignment smoothly.

Each of these treatments offers their own core benefits when used on their own. However, when both are combined together, they mesh quite well, creating a treatment that is comprehensive and effective in addressing a number of injuries and health conditions.

Chiropractic visits would be more effective when massage therapy is performed. Therapeutic massage helps warm the muscles in the body and allows it to relax. When the chiropractor performs the adjustment, it becomes more effective and results tend to be more optimal since the body has already been rid of unnecessary tensions.

Adjustments done by a chiropractor tend to be more stable through the help of massage therapy. The body tends to be more accepting of the adjustment that the practitioner performs. So whether the adjustment is done to alleviate pain or to help increase the mobility of a patient, a pre-adjustment massage is generally ideal.

Both the treatments are known to offer the body not only great relief but also faster recovery especially to areas that are tensed. When combined together, their effects can be felt by the whole body. The treatments are focused on the use of healing and rejuvenation techniques to enable a full body health. There are a number of instances where chiropractic care becomes more effective at addressing the root cause of the problem that the patient needed help with when it is used in conjunction with massage therapy.

It helps patients feel more relaxed before undergoing spinal manipulation and body realignment. There are a lot of patients who might feel stressed and tense when going to their chiropractic appointments sometimes either due to not knowing what to expect or because they are overly worried about their health issues. Getting them to undergo a massage therapy before a chiropractic session allows them to get in the right mood and to be more accepting fo the treatment that they will be put under. Massage therapy readies the body and chiropractic care then picks up where massage left off.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Since the muscles are properly warmed up before a chiropractic treatment, it helps ease any discomfort to the patient. Muscles will be more pliant thus, making it less resistant to the chiropractic treatment which will ultimately lead to better recovery. Learn more about the many benefits of chiropractic care by reading about Dr Christian Farthing online. You can also connect with Dr Christian Farthing on LinkedIn here.

Why Chiropractic Adjustments are Beneficial for You

While it is true that the older you get, the more prone you are to back pain, it does not make it any easier. Dealing with the constant nagging pain in your back or your neck will only make it more challenging for you to do many of the things that you used to easily do. When you are at the point where your quality of life is starting to get affected by the discomfort and the pain, it is time for you to take concrete steps to make it stop.

There is a wide array of solutions that are aimed at addressing back pain out there. From surgery to massage to rest to acupuncture to chiropractic, it is sometimes hard to decide which one is the best solution for you. If you are looking for one that really works, but is cost-effective and non-invasive too, chiropractic adjustments will be beneficial for you.

Offers quick pain relief

Chiropractors are trained to quickly identify specific issues that the back pain is rooted at. The series of adjustments that they will introduce help provide most patients with immediate relief. Dr. Christian who consults for the Bodywell Group has had patients that walk out after an appointment feeling significantly better. Many have experienced their symptoms go away at a much quicker rate when compared to the results of other treatments they tried before.

Helps the body function better

Another benefit of chiropractic adjustments is that it helps address not just localized pain. Due to its ability to restore normal movement and function to the different parts of the body, the adjustments will help impact your ability to not just move with more efficiency, but to also do so with more strength.

Rehabilitates the joints

Chiropractic adjustments are very effective at rehabilitating areas in the body that have locked up or those that may have impinged nerves. It helps in the restoration of movement since the procedure allows muscle manipulation around stiff joints. As the muscle relaxes, normal mobility is restored in the locked up joints.

Reduces stress and promotes overall well-being

Pain can prevent you from doing all the things that you used to conveniently do. As it slowly affects your quality of life, it is not only going to impact your body physically but mentally as well. The stress of not being able to do your job properly can be hard on you. Even the fact that your pain is preventing you from doing simple chores can only lead to a decline in your overall well-being. Many who live in pain also have a hard time sleeping and getting into their regular workout routines. Chiropractic adjustment has been known to help address these issues more effectively as it makes way for a speedier recovery.

If you want to learn more about pain relief through chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Christian consults for the Bodywell Group in Canterbury. As a Specialist in Spinal Health, he draws on his vast clinical expertise and experience to provide people with actual solutions to their pain and discomfort instead of just a temporary fix. You can learn more about Dr. Christian Farthing and his work at the Bodywell Group here.


Guidelines to a Healthy Spin

Dr Christian Farthing is a Spinal Health Specialist and consults for the BodyWell Group, located in the heart of Blean, near Canterbury in Kent. Here some tips to getting healthier spin.

Experts have always debated as to which routines are the best for the spine. Often the arguments go in circles. This article will break it down to simple rules to a great spinal health which will make your life a lot easier. When you are healthy and your body works optimally, you will perform better at home, at work and socially.

Frequent Chiropractic Adjustments

Frequent chiropractic adjustments are the foundation to a healthy spine. You are able to move the rest of your body because the spine allows it. When the spine does not work properly, you will not move properly. Regular chiropractic adjustments compose no less than one adjustment every two to four weeks. Such frequency of regular care will increase the optimal performance of the nervous system and the immune system. This will also provide optimal range of motion for better physical function.


Most of us in our society don’t drink enough water. We need to hydrate our body properly for it to function properly. The spinal discs are comprised mostly of water. When we don’t hydrate properly and the joints don’t move properly, the spinal discs decrease in size. The body’s spinal movement and overall health is significantly dependent to the health of the spinal discs. Drink enough water to avoid shrinking the spinal discs.


To strengthen the spine, the most vital group of muscles that must be focused on is the core. The core group of muscles refers to the internal abdominal muscles, the spinal muscles and the muscles found at the floor of the pelvis. These core muscles are the ones that provide the most amount of stability for the spine. The core is usually very weak because of improper muscle usage due to prolonged sitting and lack of movement. Strengthening the core is a very difficult work. You must always add core exercises to your gym routines to strengthen the core.


Stretch often and spend time lengthening your spine and its associated muscles. The stretching exercise does not need to be a long process. You can do two-minute stretching exercises while sitting in front of your computer, stretch along a doorway while talking to an associate or in your bed when you wake up in the morning.

Health can get complicated but it does not have to be. Keep in mind these simple rules as part of your regular routine and you and your health will benefit from them. If you want an improved function of your body and performance and health then create a happy and healthier spine.

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The Effects of Sitting Too Much


With technology getting better these days, people seem to sit more and more. With smart phones and tablets taking such a big part of everyday life, many of the activities that used to be physical are now made without having to move much at all. It is not unusual for today’s adults to have more sitting activities than those that require moving. But we all know that too much of something is not good.

Many people will say that they will have no choice but to sit and work at a desk. This may be true, but excessive sitting is rough on your back and it’s also bad for your overall health. Chiropractors that usually deal with back pain and back related issues blame them to too much sitting. Even if your chair feels very comfortable, it is still bad to have prolonged static posture. Too much sitting will also flatten your butt and tighten the muscles in your hamstrings and hips. These will eventually leave your prone to injury during exercise or strenuous activities. Excessive sitting promotes serious health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases and gaining of weight.

The reason why sitting excessively is hazardous to your spine is because you are putting stress on your spine twice compared to when you are standing. If you’re the type to hunch forward slightly in your chair, the problem gets even worse. Hunching forward removes the natural curve at the bottom of the spine. If you have a sedentary job, you can make a few adjustments to your daily routine to help protect your back from serious ailments associated with excessive sitting.
Try your best not to slouch forward. You must sit straight to maintain the natural arch in the lower back. Another tip is to stand up and out of your chair at least once every 30 minutes. Walk around your work area and stand or you can do light stretches. If you have access to a standing desk use it for a portion of each day. Take short breaks and move around so your muscles and ligaments stay loose and flexible.

The impact of moving around can be profound because you’ll burn more calories. This will lead to weight loss and increased energy. The muscle activity needed for standing and other movement seems to trigger important processes related to the breakdown of fats and sugars within the body. If you have a sore back from too much sitting a visit an expert chiropractor that will help get things back in balance and remove your pain. Contact Dr. Christian Farthing at The Bodywell Group today for help.

Unsure if you have good posture? Talk to your chiropractor or schedule an appointment for a spinal examination. Make an appointment with Dr Christian Farthing by visiting his official website here. Read Dr Christian Farthing reviews in FreeIndex here and connect with Dr Christian Farthing on his Facebook page to learn more about Spinal health.

Who should see a Chiropractor?


Pain is the body’s warning system. Judging your health by how you feel can be dangerous. Many illnesses are well advanced by the time you are aware of them. Injuries, aging, repetitive use of the legs and misalignment of the spine are some reasons people seek for treatment. It is important to make sure your spine and nervous system work properly to ensure good health. Having a healthy spine is just as important to an infant as it is for an elderly person. Making sure the spine and nervous system are working in harmony for good health is just as important for a baby as it is for a senior citizen.
By adjusting spines, Chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations, which will cause severe pain or be completely painless. The effects of vertebral subluxations are the result of irritation and interference to the nervous system. The nervous system controls and co-ordinates all body parts and its optimum function is essential for good health. Most people who maintain healthy vertebral subluxations has helped them recover from a vast range of disorders and diseases. Adults usually have stressful occupations and recreational activities and repetitively strain the spine and its ligaments and muscles. These activities usually result to vertebral subluxations.
Undergoing chiropractic care will ensure the body that it can deal with injuries resist illnesses and have good health. People seek the help of a chiropractor for many different reasons including pain relief, mobility, flexibility, health care and performance enhancement. Many athletes use Chiropractic care as a means of enhancing their performance. Parents and teachers often report children dramatically improve their attention span with Chiropractic care. Many have also said that chiropractic care is the reason for their excellent academic performance. Dancers and artists are more graceful and creative when they are free of nerve interference caused by subluxations.
Fortunately, good health and the absence of painful symptoms usually go together. Your chiropractor is the only one who can free you from vertebral subluxations and back pain. Most patients say that they recovered from pain and had rapid recovery from their diseases and disorders after having chiropractic care.
Whether it is back pain, migraine headaches or growing pains, the key to your future health is identifying the cause. Before you endeavor on the potential merry-go-round and being pushed from pillar to post between different specialists, we recommend you talk to our specialist, Dr. Christian Farthing. Mr. Christian Farthing graduated with a double degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic and with the prestigious Graduate of the Year and Clinical Sciences Awards from RMIT. Dr. Christian Farthing and his health care team are committed to helping you and your family toward optimal health.

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Happiness and Health

Dr. Christian’s Wellness Wisdom

Following all the positive feedback from last week’s ‘wellness wisdom’, I wanted to share with you some great insights from a book I read last summer, called The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want by Sonja Lyubomirsky. I have saved you time by writing this, but I would still highly recommend you read this book.

In a world that is busy… and only becoming busier by the moment… with a society that can potentially drag you down, it is crucial that you find peace and happiness to experience renewed and greater levels of health. Therefore, I want to help you by sharing Happiness-Enhancing Strategies that will literally save you becoming like everyone else! Today, commit to just 2 of the strategies below for the next month and watch how your life and health become filled with vitality and wellness!

1. Counting your blessings (Chapter 4). Expressing gratitude for what you have (either privately – through contemplation or journaling – or to someone close) or conveying your appreciation to an individual whom you’ve never properly thanked.

2. Cultivating optimism (Chapter 4). Keep a journal in which you imagine and write about the best possible future for yourself, or practicing to look at the bright side of every situation. Remember, what you focus on becomes your reality!

3. Avoiding over-thinking and social comparison (Chapter 4). Using strategies (such as distraction) to cut down on how often you dwell on your problems and compare yourself to others. Mindfit sessions at the BodyWell Group are very effective ways to overcome this.

4. Practicing acts of kindness (Chapter 5). Doing good things for others, whether friends or strangers, either directly or anonymously, either spontaneously or planned. This shifts a behaviour conditioned to focus on “problem solving” and “the negative” to take different path and focus on doing good in life. Remember, we shape our world.

5. Nurturing relationships (Chapter 5). Picking a relationship in need of strengthening, and investing time and energy in healing, cultivating, affirming, and enjoying it. It will surround you with positive and loving relationships.

6. Learning to forgive (Chapter 6). Keeping a journal or writing a letter in which you work on letting go of anger and resentment towards one or more individuals who have hurt or wronged you. It will free your mind from negativity.

7. Doing more activities that truly engage you (Chapter 7). Increasing the number of experiences at home and work in which you “lose” yourself, which are challenging and absorbing. It is better to be overwhelmed and making a difference in the world than being underwhelmed and underachieving. The BodyWell Group’s Total Life Conditioning MasterClass is a great place to learn how to achieve everything you want and still achieve balance in your life.

8. Replaying and savouring life’s joys (Chapter 7). Paying close attention, taking delight, and going over life’s past pleasures.

9. Committing to your goals (Chapter 8). Picking one, two, or three significant goals that are meaningful to you and devoting time and effort to pursuing them. The BodyWell Group’s Goal Setting MasterClass will help you set a plan to achieve your goals 100% of the time and surround yourself with greater fulfillment.

10. Developing strategies for coping (Chapter 6). Practicing ways to endure or surmount a recent stress, hardship, or trauma. Ask about how we can teach you to reduce stress in your body and what a series of Mindfit sessions can do to radically reduce stress in your life. A course of 20-minute sessions get proven results. And if you can carve out another 30 minutes, book a seat at The BodyWell MasterClass for Mastering Stress.

11. Practicing spirituality (Chapter 9). Becoming more connected to the ‘higher power’ that exists within the universe. Whether you refer to it as God or a Universal Intelligence, it does exist. Ask us about some easy reading, thought provoking and spiritually themed books that will provide insight into life itself and how you can become more aware of the power within. Learn more at the MasterClass which gives you great insight into “The Doctor Within”.

12. Taking care of your body (Chapter 9). Engaging in physical activity, eating raw organic food, meditating, smiling and laughing. Ask our team about trainings readily available to help you Think Well, Eat Well, Move Well & Choose Well.

It’s Your Life, Go For It And Share It With Others To Make A Difference In Their Life Too!
Dr. Christian BAppSc(ClinSc); BCSc; FCBP; M.A.O.
Chiropractor (Australia); Wellness Doctor (UK)
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Who Do I See For My Health?

Dr. Christian’s Weekly Wellness Wisdom

The answer to this question may seem obvious, BUT IS IT?kids

This weeks’ wisdom was borne from a new patient who started under care with us only 12 weeks ago and on his first consultation said, “I am so fed up with being pushed from pillar to post, fed pills and still no answers. Who do I see for my health?”

Heard something like that before… or experienced it? Read on and see what you can do to prevent being placed in this situation.

Just imagine if you strolled into your GPs practice and said “Hi Doc, I have come for some advice on how to stay as healthy as possible and be as well as I can be.” OR…

…“I want to know what I can do to get my body into peak physical condition, nutritionally balanced and my mind clear and strong.”

What do you think your GP would say? If there is an uncomfortable silence, you have probably got your answer. You are in the wrong place.

Our valued, hardworking and committed GPs are doing everything they can to treat symptoms, combat sickness and fight disease. They are trapped in a way of thinking that leads to 3 things they can do TO HELP YOU – medication, referral for tests and/or referral to see a specialist. In fact, your GP has one more option – they can do nothing.

After tests results are received, a specialist or consultant also has 3 main options available to them TO HELP YOU – medication, injections or surgery. In fact, your consultant also has one more option – they can do nothing too.

To “do nothing” actually may be the best option in many cases because medicine is one of the greatest causes of preventable death in the UK, from deaths caused from prescription medication, deaths from unnecessary surgery, mistakes, errors (the list is very long)… all better known as medical iatrogenesis.

I am not highlighting this to try and make a ‘cheap shot’ at medicine because I believe it has a very important and sometimes life-saving role in society. Accident and Emergency (A&E) is a godsend as it literally saves lives. My point is this: medicine is not for health. It is merely a treatment of symptoms, sickness and disease.

Of course a GP and other specialists can refer to other therapists to provide you with assistance, which is usually temporary, but honestly, there is VERY LITTLE they can do TO HELP YOU to become as healthy as possible. That is not their fault. You have probably assumed that they should know? But that would be like expecting a plumber to know how to do your electrics. GPs are NOT trained in health. Really! They are trained to understand symptoms, sickness and disease… and how to treat it.

With less than 3 months training in nutrition and even less in exercise physiology and understanding the mind-body connection, your GP is definitely not going to be able to help you with your health. With limited training about the nervous system and unfortunately, spending far more time understanding disease and the use of pharmaceuticals, medical doctors are “sickness doctors” who are trained to diagnose your condition, treat symptoms and disease (in an attempt to help you) which often leads to you becoming dependent on some form of prescription medication.

The PROBLEM: Sickness and disease is caused by the lack of health, not from the lack of pills.

The SOLUTION: To prevent suffering and becoming ill, you need to focus on your health. Just look at what the healthiest people are doing and learn from them.

Have you ever noticed, healthy people don’t get sick… something to think about…

So what are the healthy people doing then?

If you want someone to attend to the cause of your problem, help you to return to the best of health and achieve greater levels of overall wellness, start looking to consult regularly with a doctor who does exactly that. They will also be equipped with the most up-to-date technology and everything you need to know about optimal performance, healing potential, nutrition, exercise and physical conditioning, mental strength and reducing stress.


Take a look at the health status of the doctor you consult. Are they radiating with abundant health and wellness? Do they walk their talk? Do they spend time educating you about how to get well and most importantly, stay well? Do they regularly re-evaluate you to monitor your progress? Do they lead by example? If so, you are in the right place.

It’s Your Health, Enjoy the Best of It!
Dr. Christian BAppSc(ClinSc); BCSc; FCBP; M.A.O.
Chiropractor (Australia); Wellness Doctor (UK)
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