Guidelines to a Healthy Spin

Dr Christian Farthing is a Spinal Health Specialist and consults for the BodyWell Group, located in the heart of Blean, near Canterbury in Kent. Here some tips to getting healthier spin.

Experts have always debated as to which routines are the best for the spine. Often the arguments go in circles. This article will break it down to simple rules to a great spinal health which will make your life a lot easier. When you are healthy and your body works optimally, you will perform better at home, at work and socially.

Frequent Chiropractic Adjustments

Frequent chiropractic adjustments are the foundation to a healthy spine. You are able to move the rest of your body because the spine allows it. When the spine does not work properly, you will not move properly. Regular chiropractic adjustments compose no less than one adjustment every two to four weeks. Such frequency of regular care will increase the optimal performance of the nervous system and the immune system. This will also provide optimal range of motion for better physical function.


Most of us in our society don’t drink enough water. We need to hydrate our body properly for it to function properly. The spinal discs are comprised mostly of water. When we don’t hydrate properly and the joints don’t move properly, the spinal discs decrease in size. The body’s spinal movement and overall health is significantly dependent to the health of the spinal discs. Drink enough water to avoid shrinking the spinal discs.


To strengthen the spine, the most vital group of muscles that must be focused on is the core. The core group of muscles refers to the internal abdominal muscles, the spinal muscles and the muscles found at the floor of the pelvis. These core muscles are the ones that provide the most amount of stability for the spine. The core is usually very weak because of improper muscle usage due to prolonged sitting and lack of movement. Strengthening the core is a very difficult work. You must always add core exercises to your gym routines to strengthen the core.


Stretch often and spend time lengthening your spine and its associated muscles. The stretching exercise does not need to be a long process. You can do two-minute stretching exercises while sitting in front of your computer, stretch along a doorway while talking to an associate or in your bed when you wake up in the morning.

Health can get complicated but it does not have to be. Keep in mind these simple rules as part of your regular routine and you and your health will benefit from them. If you want an improved function of your body and performance and health then create a happy and healthier spine.

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The Effects of Sitting Too Much


With technology getting better these days, people seem to sit more and more. With smart phones and tablets taking such a big part of everyday life, many of the activities that used to be physical are now made without having to move much at all. It is not unusual for today’s adults to have more sitting activities than those that require moving. But we all know that too much of something is not good.

Many people will say that they will have no choice but to sit and work at a desk. This may be true, but excessive sitting is rough on your back and it’s also bad for your overall health. Chiropractors that usually deal with back pain and back related issues blame them to too much sitting. Even if your chair feels very comfortable, it is still bad to have prolonged static posture. Too much sitting will also flatten your butt and tighten the muscles in your hamstrings and hips. These will eventually leave your prone to injury during exercise or strenuous activities. Excessive sitting promotes serious health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases and gaining of weight.

The reason why sitting excessively is hazardous to your spine is because you are putting stress on your spine twice compared to when you are standing. If you’re the type to hunch forward slightly in your chair, the problem gets even worse. Hunching forward removes the natural curve at the bottom of the spine. If you have a sedentary job, you can make a few adjustments to your daily routine to help protect your back from serious ailments associated with excessive sitting.
Try your best not to slouch forward. You must sit straight to maintain the natural arch in the lower back. Another tip is to stand up and out of your chair at least once every 30 minutes. Walk around your work area and stand or you can do light stretches. If you have access to a standing desk use it for a portion of each day. Take short breaks and move around so your muscles and ligaments stay loose and flexible.

The impact of moving around can be profound because you’ll burn more calories. This will lead to weight loss and increased energy. The muscle activity needed for standing and other movement seems to trigger important processes related to the breakdown of fats and sugars within the body. If you have a sore back from too much sitting a visit an expert chiropractor that will help get things back in balance and remove your pain. Contact Dr. Christian Farthing at The Bodywell Group today for help.

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Who should see a Chiropractor?


Pain is the body’s warning system. Judging your health by how you feel can be dangerous. Many illnesses are well advanced by the time you are aware of them. Injuries, aging, repetitive use of the legs and misalignment of the spine are some reasons people seek for treatment. It is important to make sure your spine and nervous system work properly to ensure good health. Having a healthy spine is just as important to an infant as it is for an elderly person. Making sure the spine and nervous system are working in harmony for good health is just as important for a baby as it is for a senior citizen.
By adjusting spines, Chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations, which will cause severe pain or be completely painless. The effects of vertebral subluxations are the result of irritation and interference to the nervous system. The nervous system controls and co-ordinates all body parts and its optimum function is essential for good health. Most people who maintain healthy vertebral subluxations has helped them recover from a vast range of disorders and diseases. Adults usually have stressful occupations and recreational activities and repetitively strain the spine and its ligaments and muscles. These activities usually result to vertebral subluxations.
Undergoing chiropractic care will ensure the body that it can deal with injuries resist illnesses and have good health. People seek the help of a chiropractor for many different reasons including pain relief, mobility, flexibility, health care and performance enhancement. Many athletes use Chiropractic care as a means of enhancing their performance. Parents and teachers often report children dramatically improve their attention span with Chiropractic care. Many have also said that chiropractic care is the reason for their excellent academic performance. Dancers and artists are more graceful and creative when they are free of nerve interference caused by subluxations.
Fortunately, good health and the absence of painful symptoms usually go together. Your chiropractor is the only one who can free you from vertebral subluxations and back pain. Most patients say that they recovered from pain and had rapid recovery from their diseases and disorders after having chiropractic care.
Whether it is back pain, migraine headaches or growing pains, the key to your future health is identifying the cause. Before you endeavor on the potential merry-go-round and being pushed from pillar to post between different specialists, we recommend you talk to our specialist, Dr. Christian Farthing. Mr. Christian Farthing graduated with a double degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic and with the prestigious Graduate of the Year and Clinical Sciences Awards from RMIT. Dr. Christian Farthing and his health care team are committed to helping you and your family toward optimal health.

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