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Following all the positive feedback from last week’s ‘wellness wisdom’, I wanted to share with you some great insights from a book I read last summer, called The How of Happiness: A New Approach to Getting the Life You Want by Sonja Lyubomirsky. I have saved you time by writing this, but I would still highly recommend you read this book.

In a world that is busy… and only becoming busier by the moment… with a society that can potentially drag you down, it is crucial that you find peace and happiness to experience renewed and greater levels of health. Therefore, I want to help you by sharing Happiness-Enhancing Strategies that will literally save you becoming like everyone else! Today, commit to just 2 of the strategies below for the next month and watch how your life and health become filled with vitality and wellness!

1. Counting your blessings (Chapter 4). Expressing gratitude for what you have (either privately – through contemplation or journaling – or to someone close) or conveying your appreciation to an individual whom you’ve never properly thanked.

2. Cultivating optimism (Chapter 4). Keep a journal in which you imagine and write about the best possible future for yourself, or practicing to look at the bright side of every situation. Remember, what you focus on becomes your reality!

3. Avoiding over-thinking and social comparison (Chapter 4). Using strategies (such as distraction) to cut down on how often you dwell on your problems and compare yourself to others. Mindfit sessions at the BodyWell Group are very effective ways to overcome this.

4. Practicing acts of kindness (Chapter 5). Doing good things for others, whether friends or strangers, either directly or anonymously, either spontaneously or planned. This shifts a behaviour conditioned to focus on “problem solving” and “the negative” to take different path and focus on doing good in life. Remember, we shape our world.

5. Nurturing relationships (Chapter 5). Picking a relationship in need of strengthening, and investing time and energy in healing, cultivating, affirming, and enjoying it. It will surround you with positive and loving relationships.

6. Learning to forgive (Chapter 6). Keeping a journal or writing a letter in which you work on letting go of anger and resentment towards one or more individuals who have hurt or wronged you. It will free your mind from negativity.

7. Doing more activities that truly engage you (Chapter 7). Increasing the number of experiences at home and work in which you “lose” yourself, which are challenging and absorbing. It is better to be overwhelmed and making a difference in the world than being underwhelmed and underachieving. The BodyWell Group’s Total Life Conditioning MasterClass is a great place to learn how to achieve everything you want and still achieve balance in your life.

8. Replaying and savouring life’s joys (Chapter 7). Paying close attention, taking delight, and going over life’s past pleasures.

9. Committing to your goals (Chapter 8). Picking one, two, or three significant goals that are meaningful to you and devoting time and effort to pursuing them. The BodyWell Group’s Goal Setting MasterClass will help you set a plan to achieve your goals 100% of the time and surround yourself with greater fulfillment.

10. Developing strategies for coping (Chapter 6). Practicing ways to endure or surmount a recent stress, hardship, or trauma. Ask about how we can teach you to reduce stress in your body and what a series of Mindfit sessions can do to radically reduce stress in your life. A course of 20-minute sessions get proven results. And if you can carve out another 30 minutes, book a seat at The BodyWell MasterClass for Mastering Stress.

11. Practicing spirituality (Chapter 9). Becoming more connected to the ‘higher power’ that exists within the universe. Whether you refer to it as God or a Universal Intelligence, it does exist. Ask us about some easy reading, thought provoking and spiritually themed books that will provide insight into life itself and how you can become more aware of the power within. Learn more at the MasterClass which gives you great insight into “The Doctor Within”.

12. Taking care of your body (Chapter 9). Engaging in physical activity, eating raw organic food, meditating, smiling and laughing. Ask our team about trainings readily available to help you Think Well, Eat Well, Move Well & Choose Well.

It’s Your Life, Go For It And Share It With Others To Make A Difference In Their Life Too!
Dr. Christian BAppSc(ClinSc); BCSc; FCBP; M.A.O.
Chiropractor (Australia); Wellness Doctor (UK)
For more information call 01227 789 977 or visit www.bodywellgroup.com

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